About Child, Home and Community

For 36 years Child, Home & Community (CHC) has been working to change the lives of at-risk teen and young adult parents, which in turn builds a better future for their children.

The agency was founded in 1980 when a school nurse and middle school teacher saw an urgent need for an intervention program designed specifically for adolescents facing unplanned pregnancy and parenting.  With initial support from the Bucks County chapter of the March of Dimes, CHC created childbirth and newborn care classes that were developmentally targeted to this young population. A year later, Bucks County Children & Youth provided funding to create monthly parent support groups to teach parenting skills and monitor family dynamics. Today, CHC has grown to provide prenatal, parenting, life-skills, school-based support, education and career counseling, home visits and prevention education to parents ages 13-26 residing in Bucks and Montgomery counties.

CHC is one of the only organizations outside of Philadelphia that works primarily with pregnant and parenting teens and young adults, guiding them on how to nurture their children and to become self‐sufficient. CHC offers Childbirth & Newborn Care classes at 6 hospitals and Parent Support Groups at 7 locations. In addition, CHC provides school-based interventions in 19 school districts and sites through Pennsylvania’s ELECT (Education Leading to Employment & Career Training) program funded by the Departments of Education and Human Services.

Some of the success stories